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Jason would be the first to tell you that he was not the most studious individual coming through the educational ranks. He often refers to himself as a late bloomer in which career counselors and effective supervisors throughout his military and professional careers helped him map his way to his current success.

Student mentorship is a crucial aspect of education that is often overlooked. It involves pairing a student with an experienced and knowledgeable mentor who can guide them through their academic journey. The mentorship relationship can be formal or informal, providing the student an opportunity to learn from someone who has more experience and knowledge in their field of study. The mentor can offer guidance on academic and career-related issues, which can help the student make informed decisions about their future. This guidance can also help the student develop important skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication. 

Group Coaching

In a group coaching session, the Jason will teach a class in one of the areas of self-awareness, self-regulation, mental agility, understanding strengths of character, connection, and optimum thinking.  Once the class is completed, Jason instructs the class through an exercise geared toward enhance their knowledge and understanding of their individual approach to a given life circumstance.  The expectation of the exercise is to identify counterproductive thought processes hindering one’s ability to move on and/or grown through a given life experience.



Over the course of his life as a student, father and Soldier, Jason has noticed a number of common themes associated with ones inability to navigate the storms of life.  There is an active need of coaches to assist individuals with questions and concerns associated with circumstance they are struggling to navigate.  Through personal experiences and education, Jason will meet the individual where they are and guide them where they were meant to be.

As a certified Life Coach, Jason has obtained a number of tools that assist individuals with pinpointing the logical disconnect, while establishing a SMART solution-based game plan. 

Jason can be booked for inspirational or informative speeches to groups of people on topics in the areas of resiliency, leadership, health and spirituality. Businesses, educational institutions and rehabilitation facilities can benefit from his motivational points of emphasis.

Motivational Speaking

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