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Connecting people with purpose, one lesson at a time.

Meaningful Measures is a faith-based organization focused on applying everyday life circumstances to Biblical teachings on morality / ethics / hope / comfort. The Bible provides guidance on how to live a virtuous and meaningful life, offering advice on topics such as honesty, compassion, forgiveness,  hope and love. By applying these teachings to their everyday experiences, individuals can strive to lead a more fulfilling and purposeful life.


Meet Jason

Mr. Jason Poe is a Meaningful Life Specialist who works with teens, young adults, and professionals seeking answers toward a purpose driven life.

Jason believes taking small, focused steps toward a given life goal will eventually result in the desired outcome.

Jason is a retired commissioned officer (Army), earning awards, to include but not limited to, the Bronze Star and Meritorious Service Medals while serving in Operations Iraqi & Enduring Freedom respectively. He currently works as a Senior Logistics Management Specialist for the Department of the Army.

Jason’s values and personal approach to leadership involve being faith centered, family focused, and health managed. At this point in his life, he is motivated by being a blessing to individuals in need, and feels he has a lot to give via services such as coaching, mentoring, and inspirational speaking.

Teaching practical ways to build your
Emotional Intelligence

About our name

The term “meaningful” refers to something that:

  • Has significance, purpose, or value
  • Has a deeper level of importance or relevance beyond its superficial or surface-level qualities
    • Can evoke emotions, inspire actions, and create connections between individuals or groups
    • Apply to a wide range of things, including experiences, relationships, work, art, and more. 
    • It’s subjective and can vary from person to person based on their individual beliefs, values, and experiences.

A “measure” is defined as:

  • A quantifiable indicator used to evaluate, monitor, and track progress towards achieving specific objectives or goals. 
  • They are vital components of individual success providing a way to measure and analyze performance.
    • Can be both quantitative and qualitative
    • Can be used to assess various aspects of the way an individual operates, such as:
      • financial management 
      • stress management
      • resiliency 
      • productivity
  • Measure identification is critical to individual success and should be aligned with the overall strategy and objectives of their pursuit. 
  • Essential to regularly review and adjust measures as necessary to ensure they remain relevant and useful.

About our compass

The company “icon” is a compass slightly off-kilter as Meaningful Measures will assist the individual in aligning themselves with their true north, our “Heavenly Father.” 

3325 Triana Blvd Suite #200
Huntsville, Al 35905-4643
Phone: 256-333-9602

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