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As a Meaningful Life Expert

Jason guides teens, young adults and professionals toward living a life of meaning.

Identify, Discover and Enhance

The Process

Meaningful Measures guides you toward living a life of purpose through coaching, mentoring and motivational speaking. Within each of these informative approaches, Jason seeks to guide, educate and influence individuals in one of the four key areas of physical, mental emotional and spiritual development.

  • Identify / Eliminate negative thoughts and behaviors
  • Discover who you were meant to be (faith based)
  • Enhance good self-attributes
  • Taking small steps toward big outcome’s 
Meaningful Measures

How we help


Individual Mentorship teaches teens or young adults to navigate the storms of life. Great for those seeking direction or going through a life situation that requires a mindset change.
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Group coaching is for growing in self-awareness, self-regulation, mental agility, understanding strengths of character, connection, and optimum thinking.
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Motivational Speaking

Motivational Talks ignite passion and purpose to Middle School and High School students on campus, at Teen Centers, or Rehabilitation Facilities.
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If you said "YES" to...

  1. Do you lack guidance and direction in your life?
  2. Are your daily efforts lacking fulfillment?
  3. Do you have difficulty finding happiness?
  4. Do you have difficulty managing your stress levels?
  5. Are you satisfied with your current career choice?
  6. Are you satisfied with your current finances?
  7. Do you have problems / challenges you are currently facing?
  8. Do you have difficulty managing and or meeting goals and objectives you set? 

This is for you!

You can definitely benefit from my services as a coach, mentor, and resiliency expert. 

3325 Triana Blvd Suite #200
Huntsville, Al 35905-4643
Phone: 251-281-7734

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